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Kids Ministries

At Faith Baptist

Children's Church

In harmony with the adult church service, Children's Church is a worship service with hymns and Bible teaching in a formal group setting. However, unlike an adult service, Children's Church adds action songs, lesson-focused activities, and missionary stories to keep the children thoroughly engaged and interacting with the Bible. The fun, fast-paced learning environment is perfect for their eager attention and for imparting to them a love for God's Word. As a complement to the adult service, Children's Church lays a solid foundation of biblical truth that prepares the K-4 through 4th grade children to understand God’s Word.

Children's Life Group Classes

Children's life groups/Sunday school facilitate Bible instruction in age-appropriate ways taught by individuals that love children.

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Knowing that children are a precious gift from God, our nursery ministry is committed to earning the confidence of every parent who entrusts their child to our care. Our dedicated and loving volunteers strive to share the love of Christ with each child while maintaining a safe, clean, and welcoming atmosphere. Our spacious and freshly painted nursery rooms are age appropriate and designed for the mobility of infants and the various activities of toddlers. Parents can utilize the nursery ministry with confidence and peace of mind, knowing their child is in a safe and caring environment, enabling them to enjoy each service at Faith.

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