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We believe that Faith Baptist Church exists to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus Christ gave before ascending into Heaven. Our goal is to reach our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the Earth. We believe that our missionaries are an extension of our ministry, and thus we are compelled to support them both in prayer and in finances. Our desire is to support missionaries who are like-minded in both faith and practice and who are likewise engaged in reaching people with the gospel. It is our intention to continue to support these missionaries who retire from the field after the age of seventy so as to honor them for their years of service.

Faith Baptist Church is committed to planting and watering the seeds of the gospel of Christ through participation with missions. We will prayerfully, financially, and physically support those serving God around the world to build greater unity between the church and the mission field.

Local Outreach

We take God's command seriously to take the gospel to our community and to the ends of the earth (Matthew 28:19-20). Missions is the heartbeat of Faith Baptist Church, and getting the gospel message to as many people as possible is a daily priority. Knowing that Christ is the only hope for eternal life, we feel the urgency of reaching those who are trapped in sin and facing an eternity of damnation in Hell. We have the good news that Christ has paid the penalty for sin by giving His own life to redeem us, and we share that good news with our community through every opportunity God gives us. Our outreach extends beyond the surrounding community through annual mission trips and the financial support of missionaries worldwide. Join us in sharing the good news of the gospel and experiencing the joy of introducing someone to Jesus Christ.

We are seeking to win the lost by going from house to house on a weekly basis, leaving the gospel in the doors and hearts of those with whom we come in contact. We have seen the Lord use this ministry in a wonderful way, and God has seen fit to grow our church with people who were impacted through this outreach ministry. We endeavor, by the grace of God, to canvas an average of 200 homes per week while pleading with God to draw people to Himself so that Christ is glorified.

Reaching the World

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Missions is the heartbeat of Faith Baptist Church, and it is the purpose for which God has left us here on earth. God commanded the church to reach the world with His message of salvation, and we are endeavoring to fulfill this command personally here on the Peninsula as well as by supporting missionaries around the world who serve as an extension of our church. What a blessing it is to see lives being changed through the impact of our going, our giving and our prayers in reaching people with the gospel. Our missionaries are engaged in reaching people with the gospel, discipling them, and training them so that other churches can be started. This is nothing short of miraculous and pure joy.

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